Madissen Kerman

Hey everyone! My name is Madissen Kerman! I am a sophomore at Drake University double majoring in Psychology and Digital Media Production! I am originally from the middle of nowhere aka the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. In my free time you can find me working, doing homework, working on my photography, hanging out with friends or out long boarding.

At Drake University I am studying two completely different degrees that I do plan to use in the future. I am studying a Bachelors of Science in Psychology focusing on clinical and school predominately. I am also studying a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media Production focusing on social media content creation and videography. I plan to graduate in May 2025 for both degrees.

One of my passions in Life is traveling! My mom is from Poland, making me a first born American on her side of the family and have spent some time overseas with family. I have been to six countries so far but hopefully plan to go to one hundred countries some day. This summer I plan to go to Greece, crossing another country off my list.

A fun thing I like to do for fun on my days off is going out and long boarding if the weather is nice. For years I have always wanted to skateboard but never got around to doing it. When I got my first job one of my first purchases was a long board from Retrospec. It is a fun way for me to enjoy the outdoors while also staying active!

I am a major mental health advocate. I believe that there needs to be action taken place to help break the stigma because mental health is a very important for everyone and it is extremely under looked. I am an “end the silence” young adult presenter for NAMI. I go around to school in the Des Moines area sharing my mental health story in hopes it helps bring awareness to mental health and shows kids they are not alone.

Over the summer you can catch me interning at Adventureland in Altoona as a Marketing Content Intern. I will be in charge of helping create content for the park’s social media pages and help promote their brand on all platforms. So check out Adventureland this summer in hopes to see me walking around the park creating cool content and could possibly be featured on the Adventureland page.